Types of Online Portals

Types of Online Portals

There are variety of online portals are available in the marketplace and you can devide them on their usage so lets understand first of all what is online portal. Some portals are not very flexible against some which are fully customisable portals.

These days, businesses are always on the lookout for low-cost and easy ways to get their message out to the public. The advantages of bespoke portals on the web have provided companies with new options for interacting with their customers. Let's look more deeply into the realm of e-commerce web portals and see if they are truly worthwhile.

We are expert in developing Franchise management CRM which can manage from lead/ecquiry to notes, reminders, bookings, franchisor portal, email integration & mass mailing, reporting & KPIs to improve performace to invoicing.  

Largely used online portals are as follows:

B2C Portals 

These are business to consumer portals and help eCommerce businesses to provide info about the orders etc. to the consumer. 

B2B portals

These are business to business portals and quite commonly used in almost every sector. An example of a B2B portal is the Human Resource portal where HR companies provide access to their business clients. 

Service Portal 

Service portals allow businesses to offer a portal specific to a service to their clients so that they can access that specific service with the help of service portal and provide them with the valuable feedback if needed. 

  • Online portal software
  • Online client portal software
  • Online training portal software
  • Online board portal software
  • Online customer portal software
  • Online ordering portal software
  • eLearning portal 
  • Portal for Charity
  • Employee Portal  
  • Onboarding portals
  • Customer Portals
  • HR Portal
  • Education Portal
  • Healthcare portal
  • Community portal
  • Partner Portal
  • Banking portal
  • Student portal
  • Vertical portal
  • Horizontal portal 
  • Marketplace portal 
  • Search portal
  • Media portal
  • Onboarding portals
  • Information Portals
  • Corporate Portal
  • eCommerce portal

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Q. What is an online portal?

Q. What are some common types of online portals?

Q. What are the benefits of using an online portal?

Q. How are online portals secured?

Q. Can custom online portals be created for specific business needs?

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