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Software Maintenance & Support

When you're looking for software maintenance and support, what matters most? Are you looking for a software maintenance partner who is

  • reliable?
  • affordable?
  • friendly?
  • efficient?
  • offers regular, relevant upgrades?

Here at Web Alliance, we offer all these to our clients … and more.

Our software support and maintenance packageswill account for your expected and unexpected software issues across a wide range of devices and systems.

What's the difference between Software Support & Maintenance?

What is Software Maintenance? What is Software Support? It's common to confuse the two terms as meaning the same. The difference lies in the degree of urgency.

Ongoing Software support isabout fixing your broken software (or 'bugs') with reactive development.

Software maintenance is more about proactive development - adding additional features and upgrades – dealing with your low priority bugs that don't damage your software design or user experience.

There are four distinct types of Software Maintenance –

  • Corrective Maintenance- This is sometimes referred to as 'bug maintenance'. Corrective maintenance is all about correctinguser-reported errors in your source code. This is the most urgent type of software maintenance. Unlike support, it focuses on low priority 'bugs' and is usually categorised as triaging enhancement requests rather than fixing defects.
  • Preventive Maintenance- This involves taking preventative steps to ensure your software is running as it should. Preventative maintenance focuses on reducing the chances of unexpectedissues arising from evolving operating systems and devices on which the software runs.
  • Perfective Maintenance– Here, the focus is on iteration. It's classed as 'engineering after delivery'with the aim of elevating the functionality and/or performance of the software. Inspired by user feedback, perfective maintenance is about the implementation of new features based on user submissions.
  • Adaptive Maintenance– This takes place when there are external problems in another part of the system, and there's a need to alter code in the software. Adaptive maintenance is when changes to the codebase are needed as a consequence of changes to the operating system, software dependencies, hardware, or business policies of a product.

How our Support Services work

  • We have a dedicated support department. You'll get access to our online support system and support contacts, enabling you to raise a ticket for the issues or changes.
  • We resolve 80% of the issues within a couple of hours. The remaining 20%, if we can't resolve quite quickly, then we'll update you and try to resolve as soon as possible – almost always within 48 hours – always keeping you up to date with progress.
  • We include three months of free support is within the quoted price for any project. Following this, you can opt for further support,charged at £100 per month forbug fixes etc.
  • For the first few months, we'll review the support hours usage and use this data to adjust the support cost accordingly.
  • For any additional support, we'll quote separately at the hourly rate of £85 plus vat per hour or at a set quoted price for reasonable size jobs.
  • The proposed system will be flexible, expandable and scalable for future changes.
  • Under this support package, we'll arrange a fully automatic daily backup maintained at a secure location. Old backups will be periodically securely removed.

It's all about people - our dedicated support Team

At Web Alliance, our after-sales support is the cornerstone of our software development work – integral to the services we provide. This is why our support team are simply the best at what they do! Regardless of the size of the project, we'll take care of your software a though it were our own.

We take our clients and their software seriously, which is why we guarantee to resolve 95% of issues within 24hours. Where we can't resolve the issue within this time, we pass the issue to the senior support team to get expert advice and to resolve it as soon as is humanly possible.

The advice we give is always unbiased, honest and transparent. Our approach is always to be friendly and constructive – two of many reasons why our clients love us so!

Making a difference

We believe in making a difference for our clients. That's why we're honest and straightforward in the way we work. We're committed to delivering the very best software maintenance and support service possible. Find out more. Call us today on 0800 677 1786 - we'd love to hear from you.

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