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Software Consultancy

Helping you to realise your business vision

You have a long-term vision for your business – your ultimate future reference point. Whenever youdebate or decide upon an objective, a strategy or a goal, right there at the forefront of your planning, will be that vision.

One thing is for sure. If you're to achieve that vision quickly, smoothly and effectively, you will need to harness the potential of cutting-edge technology and software.

To appreciate the full extent to which software will drive your business forward, you need

  • a deep understanding of your specific business operation and market
  • an awareness of all the available technology solutions.

Working in partnership with a software company that offers consultancy services can help you understand and maximise the potential that software can bring to your business - not only immediately but in the longer term too.

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Software Consultancy with Web Alliance Ltd

Are you looking at Software consultancy- either as a stand-alone service or as the first stage of a development project?Do you already have a software project in mind? Or do you simply want to look at ways of improving the way your business operates? Either way, engaging our team of software consultants at an early stage will both ensure the needs of your business are metandsecure the ultimate success of your investment.

Understanding your business needs

Your business has its own specific software needs. These are determined by your processes and by the way you interact with your customers and suppliers.

We'llcollaborate with you and your key partners to understand your business goals, your processes and your present and future challenges. We'll provide a clear, detailed list of the essential requirements that form the basis of your future project.

Comprehensive software strategy and solutions

We'll use the results of these consultations to develop a comprehensive, tailor-made software solution to meet the needs of the business.

How much you involve us in the implementation is up to you. We can provide anything from ongoing consultancy during the project, a project management and oversight role, or deliver the entire project from start to finish.

Functional Specification –why it matters

Don't take the risk of skipping a functional specification with your software development project. Having a clearly thought-out plan will inevitably save you time and money in the long run.

The functional Specification is a detailed description of how the programme will work. The benefit is that it forces you to look at every aspect of your software development, including how it will actually be used. This is the closest you can get to a guarantee that your software will work as you need it to.

Building the functional Specification

Following the initial consultation process, we prepare the first draft of your functional Specification. This is an iterative process that can involve input from several different departments. At each iteration, we consult with your project team to ensure that the current version satisfies your needs.

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Here's what afunctional specification typically looks like -

  • System overview
    An overview of the proposed system, such as a functional block diagram, i.e. a graphical representation of the system showing the relationship between inputs, processes, data storage and outputs.
  • Software functions
    The facilities (or services) required of the software - the functional components are refined and specified as detailed processes (e.g. data transformations) which operate on data passed to them.
  • Software interfaces
    - user interfaces (e.g. look and feel, input, displays, hard copies) - system interfaces (e.g. comms protocol, input/output format, hardware subsystems).
  • Non-functional specifications
    Examples include performance, scalability, compatibility, efficiency.

Making a difference

We believe in making a difference for our clients. That's why we're honest and straightforward in the way we work. We're committed to delivering what we promise and doing so with complete transparency.

Find out more about our software consultancy service.Designing software that works is our passion. Call us today on 0800 677 1786 - we'd love to hear from you.

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