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I have personally recommended Web Alliance to friends and family and I can assure you that if Web Alliance was not a professional customer focused company I would never recommend them to any one.

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Our Alliance

We are happy to introduce a new trend in the market and our aim is that our patrons should receive the best.
Web Alliance believe that our success is directly or indirectly related with yours and the alliance we offer gives you a vital chance of getting the online success. We have over a decade of web development experience to give you guidance throughout the process of web development including short, medium and long term strategic plans. So if you are looking for a real alliance to turn your business web capabilities around then come to us and we will show you what we mean by successful Alliance. 
We offer 3 types of Alliances
  1. Conventional mode: In this mode we will serve our customers to the best of our ability, in accordance with their requirements. Whether it be a design, a CMS website, an ecommerce website, SEO package or database system. We will work for the satisfaction of our client and charge for our services in the conventional way.

  2. Sharing Mode: In this mode we will serve those people who have good business ideas but don’t have enough resources to turn it into reality. We will listen to their idea and calculate risks with no obligation. If we find the idea innovative and prospective, we will invest our time and effort in it.  We will also become involve in research and discussions at all stages, to successfully implement the policy jointly formulated. We'll charge the minimal cost of production only and our profit will come from your profits later on. We will not only create the website but also keep some budget for SEO and marketing, so that the website could be able to reach the targeted customers.
  3. Helping mode: In this mode we will help those who are not in a position to afford the web development, but need it badly, for the internet presence of their business, charitable or social organisation. We will pick some of those clients annually and help them, either subsidising the rates or by spreading the cost in instalments without interest over long period of time, depending upon the case. Through this mode we will fulfil our social responsibility in our small way. 


To whom it may concern. Around September last year we decided to look at installing a CRM system. We invited Web Alliance to quote us for something that would suit us. Ashish and Iram came to see us and after looking at the antiquated Excel system we were using for about 20 minutes and listening to us babbling on about what we wanted they assured us they knew exactly what we were looking for (surprised because we did not even know), and that they could deliver it in 16 weeks. About 3 weeks later we had the bare bones of our CRM for us to play with. The main thing we found was that it was really easy for us as it was written based on our own paperwork system only so much more efficient, e.g. we now only input information once as an enquiry, after that it is simple to access by clicking a couple of buttons from that enquiry whether it is to quote, order processing, production planning etc.. right through to invoice and after. 9 weeks after that we were fully up and running, we were so pleased we have since gone on to incorporate our goods inwards and stock records into the system. To say I would highly recommend Web Alliance is a bit of an understatement, nothing seems to be impossible or a problem that they do not sort out within a few hours, sometimes even minutes, I think their tag line should be ..yes we can do that... If anyone is thinking about installing a CRM or updating their existing CRM system, stop thinking and call them, I do not think you will regret it.

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