Custom Recruitment CRM

Custom Recruitment CRM

Professional and qualified employees are the key to any business's success. The job hiring market is saturated and highly competitive, which burns out your employees if they try to handle your candidates and clients manually. So, a custom recruitment CRM system is the easy way out.

In today's competitive job market, it's more important than ever for recruiters to have the right crm tools and resources to attract and retain top talent. One such tool is a bespoke recruitment customer relationship management (CRM) system.

If you want to know how custom recruitment CRM system is becoming more and more popular, then keep on reading.

What is a Custom Recruitment CRM?

A bespoke recruitment agency software (CRM) system is a tool designed to help recruiters manage the entire recruitment process. This includes everything from sourcing and attracting candidates to scheduling interviews, to tracking and managing offer letters. It is easily tailored to the specific needs and processes of your recruitment agency or any company. Recruitment agency CRM can be customised to include several features like resume parsing, social media integration, and candidate testing.

We provide best crm for recruitment agencies

A custom CRM system can also integrate with other tools and systems that your company is using, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS) or a human resources information system (HRIS). This system can help recruiters save time and money, improve efficiency, increase productivity and make better hiring decisions. The best recruitment agency software saves time and money for your team is a bespoke recruitment CRM

So, why would you not want it?

If you need a Bespoke CRM for your Recruitment Company. We'd love to hear from you.

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Bespoke vs. Off-the-shelf Recruitment Agency CRM

Bespoke CRM and off-the-shelf recruitment agency software both are good options when it comes to automated CRM systems. But we need to see which is better than the others.

As you know an off-the-shelf recruitment CRM system is a pre-built software application that is available for purchase and any company can use it. It is designed to help businesses manage their recruitment process just like Bespoke CRM.

We recommend Bespoke because of many reasons:

  • As it is mentioned above, off-the-shelf recruitment agency CRM can be used by any company. And that is why it will not give you any competitive advantage in bringing potential staff and clients.
  • Also, off-the-shelf recruitment CRM is developed in a way that any business can take advantage. This pre-built system has several features and tools that are of no use to your business and you are just paying for unnecessary things.
  • Although off-the-shelf recruitment CRM seems a cheaper option than bespoke, but as you plan to increase the number of employees in your company. You will ultimately have to buy more licenses to get access.
  • You can also come across the time when you need to have a customized feature or functionality added to the recruitment CRM. And for that to develop, you have to pay more. 

Many recruiters are still using Microsoft access recruitment CRM which is not flexible and portable at all.  

Therefore, Bespoke is a better option for you as this cloud-based CRM is custom-built for your business only. It is tailored to your company's specific processes and needs, making it more efficient and effective for your business.

How a custom recruitment CRM helps the recruiter?

A custom recruitment CRM (customer relationship management) system can help recruiters in several different ways:

1. Decrease repetitive admin time

Recruiters receive numerous candidates’ information with each new job opening from multiple sources, and manually gathering them at one place requires much time.

But the custom recruitment CRM saves your team’s time as no more manual data entry is required. The system helps you to create a data pool by taking data from multiple sources.

2. Streamlined Hiring Pipeline

A qualified and best candidate is as important as the big client because he is going to make an impact on the progress of your company. A custom recruitment CRM provides an easy and simple applicant tracking system (a centralized system) where you can manage various aspects of the hiring process from tracking candidates to scheduling interviews and storing resumes.

3. Improved candidate experience

A custom recruitment CRM also provides a better experience for candidates by making it easier for them to apply for jobs in your company, track the status of their applications, and communicate with your recruitment team. Good teamwork helps you in making better decisions and optimize your efforts.

4. Improved Communication and collaboration

A bespoke recruitment CRM provides tools for communication and collaboration, such as a shared calendar and project management features, which can help recruiters work more effectively as a team.

We would love you hear from you regarding your bespoke software requirement about Recruitment.

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Bespoke client and candidate portals for recruiters

Bespoke CRM has a user-friendly online portal for both clients and candidates.

Bespoke Client Portal:

The bespoke client portal is an online portal accessed through your company's website. It is used by your clients to access information about their accounts, view job postings, and submit job orders or requests for candidates.

With this portal, your clients get matched to the best candidate using certain advanced filters like pre-defined skills and location preference.

Bespoke Candidate Portal:

This online portal is used by job candidates to apply for positions, track the status of their applications, and access information about the company and the recruitment process. They can also upload their CV and other credentials easily on the portal.

Bespoke CRM allows candidates to use advanced settings. One example includes using the filter to see only jobs relevant to his qualifications and experience.

Best Recruitment CRM available in the marketplace

There are so many recruitment CRM software available in the market that choosing the one for you becomes quite difficult.

We are offering the best recruitment CRM that is having all the necessary features and tools required to streamline the recruitment process. It is:

  • Easy of use
  • Fully customizable
  • Integrated with other systems
  • Fast in providing support and maintenance
  • Cost-effective

Our main goal is to help you improve customer relationships, strengthen your reputation and enhance productivity to get effective results. We have a solution for all types and sizes of businesses.



How to develop your own bespoke recruitment software?

At web-alliance, we help you to develop tailored and fully customizable bespoke recruitment software with maximum productivity; the way you want. You can develop software that matches your business needs with our experts.

There are five main steps involved in developing your very own bespoke recruitment CRM software:

  1. Requirement analysis
  2. Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Testing
  5. And Evolution.

Advantages of CRM for recruitment

A Recruitment CRM provides several advantages for recruitment such as:

  1. CRM is easily customized if your company's needs change. It is useful when your company is growing and evolving, as it allows you to make any changes to the system that are needed.
  2. A recruitment CRM offers security features tailored to your company's specific needs. This is specifically important if you handle sensitive information like your client data or vital electronic documents.
  3. A CRM can help streamline the recruitment process by providing tools for managing the entire recruitment process. This will help recruiters to save time and work more effectively.
  4. A CRM provides a better client and candidate experience. Automated recruitment processes and online portals have made it easier to apply for jobs, track status, and communicate with recruiters.
  5. It also provides insights and analytics by tracking data on both the recruitment process and the candidate.

Final Words!

Our custom recruitment agency CRM is the best of its kind. It is quite scalable, fits your business's unique needs, and affordable. Contact us to get more information about our CRM for recruitment agencies.

Visit our software services section and see yourself: what we are up to and what we can do for your business to grow more.

Next Steps:

We hope this blog post has been helpful to explain how a bespoke CRM can help your recruitment process to save your precious time and cost, improve your candidate and client relationship.

We welcome a discussion with you in detail about what kind of Recruitment CRM you need for your business and how our software solution can help you in improving your business process. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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