ERP Software for Construction: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

How ERP software can help you in construction business, know more about it.

Digitalisation and automation have changed the way we live and its demand is constantly increasing. Today there is hardly any industry remaining which is untouched with software automation and ERP software for construction is one such example.

The construction industry has always been competitive and in demand. There is a vigorous rivalry as the business is getting more and more customer-oriented. There is a dire need to make your construction company more digitalised and adopt advanced technologies if you want to stay in competition. 

The best construction software can bring wonders and help your business to scale exponentially. Let’s see how ERP software development can help your business to boom.

What is Construction ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps in managing day-to-day business processes from procurement, accounting, project management, planning, and reporting to compliance. ERP systems can be designed to meet the unique requirements of the industry implementing it.

Construction ERP software allows managers and contractors to make comprehensive plans for successful projects from the very start till the project ends. Constructions ERP systems help in managing construction accounting, assets, human resources, service operations, payroll, and financial processes.

Main Features of ERP Software for Construction

The best construction ERP software offers a variety of integrated solutions including construction accounting software, construction project management software, construction estimating software, construction scheduling software, construction manager software, and construction planning.

Here are some of the important features construction software must have:

  • Cost management and accounting
  • CRM
  • Project scheduling
  • Facility and equipment management
  • HR and payroll management
  • Resource planning
  • Financial estimation and management
  • Document management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Client contract lifecycle management

How To Choose The Right ERP Software For Construction? Call us to know more!!

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5 Ways in which Construction ERP Software is helpful

If you are wondering how your construction business can get benefit from ERP software development, read these 5 advantages of using it.

1.Streamline workflow and business processes

Bigger companies are handling multiple projects at a time and therefore, managing them becomes a bit challenging. ERP management software can reduce this burden by automating the major managerial processes in one solution. This will not only save time and cost but also improve communication and data accuracy thus making business operations more efficient. 

2.Facilitate Cost Revenue Estimation

The construction projects are long-term projects requiring years of labor and equipment. Every client is different and so is their proposed project cost. Moreover, most of the work in the construction industry is done on a contractual basis and project price quote is generated based on the estimated cost. It is very important to calculate and plan expenses while keeping in mind liabilities that might occur in the future.

Here ERP software for construction can help you out by carefully determining the estimated cost that is close to your projected cost. It will do so by considering the parameters including labor and equipment cost, raw materials, duration, and resources.

3.Simply the Exchange of Information

As with the market trend, construction ERP solutions are tailored in such a way that they can handle all the data and other information of tenders at the same time.

Disconnections and poor communications between different departments are one of the commonest challenges faced by construction companies which adversely affect construction operations and slow down the project programs. But using the best construction ERP software the exchange of information becomes more efficient with a centralised database.

4.Improve business intelligence and data analytics

The useful data insights at the right time are the biggest advantage one can get to improve sales and boost your business productivity.

Reporting and data analytics tools of your construction ERP software enable you to generate accurate reports and analyze the data of all the ongoing projects. Using these tools, you can get insights into inventory and productivity management. Based on the information from this data you are able to make fruitful and intelligent business decisions.

5.Optimize project management and project planning

Effective project planning is the key to a successful construction business. If your company shows delays and provides substandard outcomes, you can suffer from great loss in terms of clients’ loyalty and your reputation. It is important to monitor labor and raw-material cost, effective team scheduling, and resource planning. Construction ERP software provides data to manage the finances and expenses of your projects to prevent unnecessary downtime and other contractual issues.

Construction Project Management software is also important for your business to manage multiple complex projects at a time and to make sure these projects are delivered timely and within your estimated budget.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps in managing day-to-day business processes from procurement

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How to choose the right ERP Software for construction?

There are a bunch of the best construction software companies in UK offering robust ERP solutions. But the thing is how to select which one is most suitable and meet the unique needs of your company.

There are a few things you should consider while selecting the best ERP software for construction:

  • Pinpoint the unique business needs and requirements of your business.
  • Set a fixed budget that you want to spend on an ERP system. Add the development and implementation of ERP software costs along with the customisation and other ongoing services that you require in your budget.
  • Do your research about different ERP software in terms of functionalities, cost, and design.
  • Before finalizing your deal, conduct a demo.
  • Also, make sure to clean up your data and check whether the new ERP system integrates well with other apps.

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