Our Organisation Worked Many Years Without a CRM System, Why Do We Need One Now?

Our Organisation Worked Many Years Without a CRM System, Why Do We Need One Now?

If you are an owner or decision-maker for your business, you must have a thing or two about Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM). But you haven't implemented it yet in your business.

Your company has worked for many years without a CRM system so why do you need it now? The simple answer to your query is the ever-changing technology and being up-to-date with the market trend.

In 2023, there are a lot of technologies and internet trends that were not common if we go back a decade. These market trends and changes have significant effects on every sphere of life including the industrial and business sector.

If you want to stay competitive and grow your business and customer base, you need to adapt to modern technologies like CRM and centralized databases. 

As you are not using CRM software, you must have more than five different systems that collectively coordinate customer relationships. For that, you also need manpower who will manage these systems individually, and at some point, it will become difficult when your business grows.

Therefore, you need a centralized infrastructure in the form of a CRM system to streamline different operational processes and improve customer service.

The statistics about CRM reveals that more than 91% of businesses with over 10 employees are using CRM system for better customer service, and those companies using CRM has seen a 16% increase in customer retention and a 17% boost in lead conversions.

These numbers show the importance of a CRM system for your growing business. Let’s walk you through our CRM tools and the benefits that you and your organization will get from them.

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How a CRM system can benefit your business?

Customers are the driving power of your company or business, and loyal customers can bring wonders to you and your company in many ways. Therefore, it is important to establish long-term and healthy customer relationships by providing the best possible customer service. This is achievable with the help of our Bespoke CRM system and not only this, there are several other advantages of using it:

1. Improve customer retention

One of the fastest ways to win the loyalty of a customer is by using the right CRM. As the data is centralized in a customer database of your CRM, it is easy to get hands-on all the information about the customer in a very short time. This helps to solve the queries of customers quickly.

2. Better customer data management

Instead of data being segregated among multiple systems and platforms, it is saved at a centralized, single platform with access to all the relevant departments. This will help keep all the stakeholders on the same page across your organization.

3. Increase sales productivity

Enhanced customer retention using CRM also means that the customers keep coming back, and it will increase sales. 

CRM system boost sales productivity in three different ways: 

  • By automating manual tasks thus increasing selling time.
  • By visualizing sales opportunities to boost sales velocity.
  • By filtering out the best leads.

4. Streamline sales processes

One benefit of using a CRM is it allows you to streamline all operational processes including sales automation. With it, you can analyze all the sales data stored in a centralized hub, accessible by anyone from the company team. This is how a synchronized sales process is achieved and allows your employees can adapt easily. 

5. Enhance customer experience

CRM helps you to enhance the customer experience by providing proactive and attentive customer support and service. CRM sends automated responses and emails to the customer with a query or a request, informing them their request is well received and is under process. This type of prompt response helps win customer satisfaction.

If you want to stay competitive and grow your business and customer base, you need to adapt to modern technologies

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6. Simplify lead management

With CRM’s lead management tool, you can gather data that will provide useful insights to convert leads. You can identify the lead sources that optimize the sales funnel thus enhancing lead generation.

Also, CRM tools are self-sufficient and simplify the lead generation process with integrations. It will allow multiple channels to flow into the CRM system.

7. Analyze customer behavior

With CRM you can get a 360-degree view of your customer's journey such as his history, purchases, and whenever he has made contact. It will help your employees to find the best insights to look for opportunities and generate a successful lead.

8. Automate marketing campaigns

CRM helps you in marketing automation to target customers with customized campaigns by leveraging data. It will allow you to streamline all the marketing activities, enhance customer participation and run effective campaigns. With email automation in a CRM, you can send personalized emails to numerous people when running a campaign.  

9. Customize customer communication

Storing customer data in a single place isn't the only benefit you can get from the CRM system. But you can also use this data when personalizing customer communication. 

The function that your CRM system performs here is: transforming customer data (history of purchases and contact, profiling consumption behaviors, etc.) into customized communications to form long-lasting customer relationships. 

10. Improve team collaboration.

CRM is the best tool for the sales and marketing teams as it boosts cross-team communication and collaboration. It focuses on creating a synergy between different departments and stakeholders of the organization by providing data about products/services sold, customer interaction, marketing campaigns, and technical support interactions.

We are sure you don’t want to miss all these amazing benefits of having a custom CRM system.

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