Bespoke eCommerce Software Solutions for Retailers by Web Alliance

Bespoke eCommerce Software Solutions for Retailers by Web Alliance

Affordable eCommerce Business Solutions for Retailers in the UK

eCommerce market in the United Kingdom is named for being the largest and fastest growing in Europe. British households are expected to spend around £120 billion to buy online in 2023, and the annual growth rate is expected to be 8.8%. It is a bright side of eCommerce retail business; the other side shows that almost a quarter of the UK e-commerce businesses fail every year because of many reasons. The most common reason for the failure or poor growth of eCommerce retailers is not having a custom-to-need portal development with business-niche-specific features and functionalities. Northampton (UK) based Web Alliance has proven expertise in creating low-cost bespoke eCommerce software solutions for retailers to help them stay competitive and achieve a sustainable growth rate.

Ten Key Reasons for the Failure of Online Retail Businesses in the UK

Are you also the one trying to fit unique business requirements into off-the-shelf eCommerce software? If you too are doing the same as the majority of online sellers do to start their business, you might not be having specific features and functionalities to deliver the quality UI, UX, and CX. Other than financial restrictions, the reasons to slow down your online business progress are -

  1. Poor site navigation because of limited freedom for eCommerce website development
  2. Poor UI, UX, and CX because of limited access to top features of off-the-shelf eCommerce software  
  3. Too much focus on the front end as facilitated by off-the-shelf eCommerce software
  4. Ignoring the importance of back-end management, data storage, and data analysis for right decisions   
  5. Not having quick customer support service because of limited use of features 
  6. Complicated registration or form filing process as default for business types 
  7. Annoying pop-ups in mid of buying process 
  8. Lackluster marketing strategy because of the unavailability of real-time data-driven information  
  9. Lack of automation that consumes lots of time, effort, and costs besides causing errors  
  10. Lack of adequate SEO support that reduces ranking in local search results and visibility on social media platforms   

Eleven Benefits of Bespoke Retail Software Solution 

When it comes to choosing an off-the-shelf eCommerce platform to start an online retail business, you have numbers of appealing options like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Magento, etc but these may not always be the right choice for your business type. Every business has unique requirements for streamlined quality processes; when you choose a free or basic version of an off-the-shelf eCommerce platform to save costs, you get limited access to much-talked-about features and functionalities. Bespoke eCommerce solution, developed with the agile approach by highly experienced eCommerce developers, provides you with goal-oriented unlimited possibility for the best-optimized features and functionalities integration focused on maximum usability. Tailored-to-need bespoke retail software solutions developed by Web Alliance are tested to deliver multiple competitive benefits that you might miss otherwise- 


1. Breadcrumb Trail: A UX-oriented website navigation element that shows the users their location on the website to assist in surfing easily across the website; Breadcrumb also helps Google to understand your website structure. 

2. User-Friendly Menu: Bespoke eCommerce solution can be designed with an expandable mega menu, dynamic menu, or drop-down menu in line with the usage behavior of target buyers segment. 

3. AI powered Advanced Search Function: The search features and filters facilitate shoppers to focus better on the desired product by narrowing down product lists. 

4. Customized Call-to-Action: Bespoke eCommerce development allows you to customize CTA button placement to facilitate your customers across the sales funnel and increase potential for conversion.

5. Swatch Thumbnail: These thumbnail images represent particular patterns, shapes, and colors for the product variants simplifying the customer journey. 

6. Purchasing Ease: A well-designed shopping cart, an easy-to-use checkout, multiple secure payment options, attractive discounts/offers, shipping possibilities, no-popup, no compulsion for form filing or registration, etc contribute to superior CX.  

7. Optimized SEO and SMO Support Features: Every business has a different marketing strategy; bespoke eCommerce developers allow you to optimize and update SEO and SMO support features in line with changing marketing strategies.      

8. Optimized Automation: As a top bespoke eCommerce development company with years of existence, we have the best-certified skills to automate many eCommerce business functions to help you perform and deliver better. 

9. Secure and Robust Data Management for Scalability: Real-time metrics help you assess and scale the performance in different verticals of retailing as well as judge the future requirements well in time mitigating risks.  

10. Optimized Third-Party Integration: A bespoke retail business software solution allows you customized integration with 3rd party systems and applications that you need to manage your store like a professional; it is not always possible without an additional cost when you chose an off-the-shelf solution. 

11. Unique or Complex Retailer Business Requirements: A bespoke retail business software solution, with unlimited scope for update, is developed to meet your unique or complex requirements to manage different business processes. 


Difference Between B2C IT Retail Solutions and B2B IT Solutions

Difference Between B2C IT Retail Solutions and B2B IT SolutionsFor both B2C and B2B, the buying process starts with the identification of a need. Businesses tend to identify a need proactively as a part of their business strategy; while individuals tend the buy the latest and unique. B2B purchases are logical process driven while B2C purchases are emotion-driven. The approach for purchasing makes a difference between eCommerce development for both. Web Alliance, a prominent B2C IT retail solutions company, develops budget-friendly bespoke retail software with optimized aspects aligned to usability, UX, CX, UI, features, functionalities, marketing, sales, competitive challenges, expansion, data-driven management, etc- 


  1. A consistent brand identity
  2. Impressive and unique online presence
  3. High level of engagement because of usability 
  4. Self-managed CMS
  5. Dependable customer service-support workflow 
  6. Seamless shipping processes integration 
  7. Customer-specific products and pricing
  8. Cloud-friendly hosting for seamless fast page loading 
  9. Metrics-driven market-oriented product management 
  10. Social media channels integration 
  11. Chats and ChatGPT


Bespoke IT Solutions for Retail Businesses 

Bespoke IT Solutions for Retail BusinessesBy overlaying omnichannel elements to leverage the power of physical stores, Web Alliance helps retailers to evolve their offerings and deliver new experiences to their customers. Tailored-to-need IT solutions for retailers help them understand their customers better and manage their businesses accordingly utilizing data. Bespoke IT solutions for online retail businesses help them manage their future growth without risks. Bespoke IT service support solutions for retailers and eCommerce business owners offered by Web Alliance with excellence include- 


  • ERP for Retail businesses to help them manage day-to-day business activities
  • Cloud Migration of eCommerce sites to help retailers reduce IT infrastructure costs by saving more on hardware, software, and licensing fees
  • Robust security solutions with robust disaster recovery to protect POS systems against cyber threats
  • Retail business intelligence solution to help retailers take data-driven informed decisions
  • Managed eCommerce solutions for retailers to help them improve communication, productivity, and quality    
  • Customer self scan app development to help retailers to improve customer experience 
  • Customer support mobile app development to help retailers to strengthen customer relationships
  • Customer loyalty app development to help retailers to encourage customers to stay with ‘brand’ 
  • Customer bookings app development to help retailers to facilitate their customers for booking

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