8 Ways a Custom Database System Will Expand the Growth and Success of Your Business

8 Ways a Custom Database System Will Expand your business

Did you know that custom databases are more practical and cost-effective than off-the-shelf software solutions? While some business owners think that hiring a developers to design and build a custom database development will be more expensive, the truth is quite the opposite

Many experts will tell you that no two businesses are the same. Even if they are in a similar industry, their needs, priorities and strategies will almost certainly differ. Therefore, why would you opt for a system that promises a “one-size-fits-all” data management solution when you know this is impossible?

A Bespoke Database Can Help You Achieve Your Profitability Goals

Data is one of your company’s most valuable yet underused assets. However, with the right technology and software, you can make the most of your data and give your profit margins a significant boost. Here’s how bespoke database software can help pave the way to your company’s continued growth and success.

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1. Increased productivity

One of the main advantages of a customised database is that it can be designed to perform tasks without any manual intervention. Besides saving you time, it will also reduce the need for redundant and repetitive operations. This will allow you to allocate human resources to other matters that require attention. As a result, you can complete more tasks in less time and with fewer resources.


2. Access data anytime, anywhere

A bespoke database will make your company data more accessible as all the necessary information you need to run your business will be located in one place. With a centralised system for data access and storage, your employees will be able to quickly gather the required information whenever necessary. Not only will this make your daily operations more efficient, but it will also make it easier for you to perform tasks and achieve your business goals.






3. Better reporting and data transparency

A bespoke database will also pave the way to better reporting and data transparency. This will help your business diagnose bottlenecks and inefficiencies, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments as quickly as possible. As a result, you can further enhance your overall productivity and efficiency while improving the accuracy of your business data.


4. Increased security

As the government has introduced laws designed to ensure data privacy and protection, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), UK companies must now safeguard sensitive business information, especially customer data. Furthermore, they must also ensure that data exchange between staff and stakeholders is always carried out through safe and secure channels. Otherwise, there could be serious consequences.

Fortunately, bespoke database software can incorporate all the features needed to strengthen data security and integrity. Strong encryption and permission for data access and sharing can prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing sensitive business information, thus avoiding unwanted data leaks that could damage your business and reputation.

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5. Improved industry compliance

Specific industries, such as healthcare and finance, are required to monitor and record their compliance tasks. Because a custom database will give you more control over the design and functionality of your software solution, your chosen developer can design your program in such a way as to make completing these tasks much more manageable. You can also include other features, such as managing safety compliance and recording training completed by employees, to reduce the time needed to manually input data.


6. Better collaboration and integration

As discussed earlier, a bespoke database system can be designed to give you access to data whenever and wherever you need it. Not only will this help streamline workflows, but it will also allow for a more direct and efficient exchange of data across departments. This in turn promotes better collaboration and integration among your staff.


7. Greater mobility

The global Covid-19 pandemic has focused people’s attention on the importance of mobility in the workplace. Mobility allows your staff to complete tasks at any time and in any location. Moreover, a modern database solution can be customised to provide your employees with greater mobility, allowing them to complete their work and meet targets from beyond the confines of your workplace. It will also enable them to access tools and files without having to log on to enterprise systems.


8. More efficient decision-making

As mentioned, improved data storage and accessibility leads to better reporting. This in turn allows for more efficient and effective decision-making. If you have a better understanding of your customers and/or your daily business operations, it will be easier for you to solve problems and identify ways of boosting your company’s growth and profitability.

Unless you are already in the corporate IT industry and have in-house app programmers, we would recommend enlisting the services of experienced software developers, such as our team here at Web Alliance. By seeking expert advice, you will achieve better results and a greater return on your investment.

However, bear in mind that bespoke database developers are not all the same. While some are committed to providing reliable database development solutions, some are just hoping to make a quick buck. Therefore, make sure you conduct some research to identify a developer who has integrity and is committed to building a reliable database system.

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Here are some tips to help you find a database developer you can rely on:

  • Always ask about their skills and experience. Review client testimonials to gauge their expertise.
  • Ask for a detailed quote so you can avoid hidden charges.
  • Don’t make a decision based solely on the cost of developing the database.
  • Always consider other vital factors, such as the developer’s after-sales support.


Build Your Own Database Today!

A bespoke database system will give you more control over your data management, allowing you to use features and functionalities tailored specifically to your needs. Not only will this help you improve your productivity and eliminate redundant tasks, but it will also boost your profitability and ensure your continued growth and success. Therefore, if you haven’t done so already, you should give serious consideration to equipping your business with a customised database.

If you are looking for a database developer you can trust, look no further than Web Alliance. Over the years, our team of experts have built a strong track record of providing our clients with bespoke database solutions that are both reliable and cost-effective. Contact us today so we can discuss your requirements!

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