Why Switch to a New CRM System?

Why Switch to a New CRM System?

Businesses today can not work and scale brightly without using modern and up-to-date Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM systems).

CRM system is the backbone of all types and size of businesses. It is important to retain customers, win their loyalty and increase productivity. You can't turn a blind eye to this important system.

And if you are using a CRM system for your business, you might already know its benefits and we are sure you are taking advantage of it. But as your business grows you might need to upgrade your CRM system in order to keep pace with the growing sales and other parameters.

Switching to a new CRM can be a bit challenging task but a necessary one. There are many possible and good reasons you need a new CRM system and, in this article, we are going to discuss them in detail.

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Reasons to switch to a new CRM system:

Some of the signs and reasons, you need a new CRM system are:

1. Outdated technology

Being up-to-date in terms of technology is crucial to run a smooth business. Like any other technology, the CRM technology industry is also evolving every day. If you want to remain in the competition, you need to have a competitive, advanced, and better CRM system for your business.

If you are using the same CRM tool for more than or up to 5 years, it is most likely to be less impactful than it was 5 years back. Now, it's time to move on to better and more advanced CRM tools.

Or if you think your software requires upgradation but it is super costly, you should instead go for a new CRM system. Also, an outdated CRM system is more prone to cyber-attacks and data breaches as it has become less secure.

Your outdated CRM system results in lower productivity, slowing down day-to-day operations and provide limited functionality. To prevent all this to happen, switch as soon as possible.

2. Support of Data Synchronization

Synchronization technology plays a significant role in making sure the data is consistent and up-to-date across all the systems and devices managed by your company or organization. This software no doubt is important but on the other hand they are pretty expensive.

Synchronization technology supports CRM systems in many ways: enables employees to get real-time updates, reduce data errors, improve collaboration, and seamlessly integrates it with other 3rd party apps.

To embed data synchronization technology, you need a new CRM system. Here are the steps to embed data synchronization functionality:

  • First comes first, identify all the possible data synchronization requirements of your business.
  • Next is to choose a data synchronization technology as there are many different types.
  • Then integrate the data synchronization technology into your CRM system.
  • Test and refine it accordingly.

If your CRM tool supports data synchronization, it is very beneficial for your business in leading customer service.

3. A Flexible Development Platform

Many businesses are opting for a flexible development platform for their database in which the CRM system can be modified to meet all possible future needs. As your business will grow and it will require a better and new CRM system. 

You might want to add more functionalities and technicalities to your CRM system so it can automate many of your tasks. A customized CRM system will help you in scaling your business at a much higher pace as compared to an old one. 

The main goal of your business is to remain steadfast among all other competitors, a flexible database development platform allows you to differentiate from other businesses with unique functionalities and features.

4. Customer Service Desk

The most critical reason your business needs a new CRM system is the lack of certain advanced functionalities such as a customer service desk. Many old CRM systems do not offer this functionality which is important to the sales department.

It is desirable to have a customer service desk available in one application so that more smooth and seamless operations can be done by the sales team. 

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5. Legacy Databases Revamp

It is observed that many businesses want their CRM systems to be integrated with accounting or ERP databases so that their sales team can have a better idea about the customer's or client's invoices and other sales history. This will make it easy for them to provide more prompt, accurate, and immediate information as a customer representative.

Some businesses find it hard to switch to a new CRM system and the reason is their old CRM system is integrated with the ERP or other billing platform, but with the wide use of open APIs and other integration tools, it has become a lot easier than ever.

Integration with legacy databases is a challenging task and requires careful execution making sure the data is transferred completely and securely.

6. Third-Party Integration

Integration with other tools and third-party applications is another reason to switch to a new CRM. There are many new and proliferative third-party productivity applications for your CRM which you might want to integrate with your CRM. 


Examples of some integrations include:

  • API integration: API integration especially Sage integration and Xero integration gives several benefits to your CRM system such as ensuring the financial data is up-to-date and safe, and improving email marketing and project management tools.
  • Back Office: You can also integrate your BackOffice system with the CRM system to streamline order management and other day-to-day tasks.


7. Some other reasons

  • If your sales team is shrinking, it means your current CRM system is not helping you keep up with the current sales trend and needs to be replaced with a new one.
  • If your current CRM system no longer meets your business's essential needs, switch to a new CRM tool.
  • If your CRM system is jam-packed with too many complex functionalities, you might need to replace it.
  • Your current CRM system is lacking reporting and forecasting visibility in tracking sales and marketing activities. This is a huge setback, and you should not neglect it and find the new best-suited CRM system for your business.


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Final words

A CRM system drives the bloodline of your business: the customers and clients. An up-to-date and advanced CRM system is required to keep up with your competitors.

Switching to a better and new CRM system is always helpful at the right time. It is not advised to change CRM systems more frequently but only when there is a need to do so.

We at Web Alliance provide a Bespoke CRM which is fully customized and tailored-made just for your business. It is competitive, responsive, and advanced in nature.

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