Revolutionize Your Online Experience with Web App: The Ultimate Solution

What is web app and how it can improve your organisations success

When smartphones began taking off, many companies were quick to move across to the mobile app bandwagon. Every major company seemed to have its own IOS or Android app, even when customers didn’t necessarily need, nor want, one.

Today we know more about how users engage with apps and can focus more on actual user benefit rather than just having an app for the sake of it.

While mobile apps can play a central part in business delivery and innovation, sometimes an alternative is better suited for your needs. This is where web apps come in.

So… what is a web app?

A web app is a piece of software that runs inside a web browser such as Google, Safari, Firefox etc. It can be a standalone program, or it can be a feature that is integrated seamlessly into an existing website. The user can then access the apps functionality very easily with just a simple browser connected to the internet.

The challenge of Bespoke APP Development

Whether you want a mobile app or a web app, creating one doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it need to be expensive. With the help of a skilled development team, you can get a fully functioning app ready for use in as little as a few weeks.

However, just having an app is not a goal in itself. The difficult part is creating an effective and well-functioning piece of software that actually adds value to the customer. This takes more than just development skills. It requires that you know your audience and understand how to meet their needs in a simple accessible way. 

Online software solutions provided by a software development agency could resolve all the problem of APPs and standalone software.   

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Examples of web apps

There are countless examples of ways in which you can utilize web apps to create a useful, informative, or entertaining user experience. Some of the most popular uses of web technology include:

  • Ticketing / bookings

    • Many of us expect to be able to instantly make bookings and reservations online without having to phone up and book them in yourself.
    • With the help of a web app this can all be done online with the user being able to see availability, make a payment or alter their existing bookings.

  • E-Commerce

    • Shopping is another area where we have become used to the ability to instantly view and buy products online. However, there are often issues with using a ready-made solution as software is never one size fits all and it won’t always necessarily integrate well with existing systems.

  • Analytics

    • Another great use of web apps is to visually display data. Nowadays, transparency is becoming more and more important for making good business decisions and having the right information on clear, visual dashboards can make a massive difference.

  • Document creation

    • While a lot of us are aiming to be paperless, we still do need documents and records – regardless of how “paperless” we are. By using a web app we can significantly cut down the time required for document creation by automatically producing the final versions with just a few data entry points

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So… web app or mobile app?

In some scenarios, the web app is a better starting point for delivering online services. However, there are many benefits to working with mobile apps as well – especially when it comes to capitalizing on the unique ways a smartphone behaves.


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