How Much Does Custom Database Development Cost

The cost of custom database development is one of the key factors that business owners need to consider when hiring software developers to create a bespoke database, and for good reason. Companies, particularly those with a limited budget, want to ensure that they won’t have to spend more than is necessary. As the costs vary among developers, it pays to do some prior research to ensure you get an excellent return on your investment.

Why Do You Need a Bespoke Database?

Before we discuss how much it will cost to hire a custom database developer, we first need to explore the benefits of using this type of software. As you know, spreadsheets have long been the go-to solution for companies in need of data management. However, when this task becomes too big or too complicated to handle, it can be difficult and time-consuming to process vital business data using spreadsheets alone. As a result, many businesses have turned to custom databases.

A custom database also eliminates the need to invest in unnecessary software features. Often, an off-the-shelf product will come with features that are not suitable for your business. Rather than spending money on something you don’t need, it is more cost-effective to have database solutions designed specifically to your requirements. Above will enable you to understand the importance of database in your business. 

Finally, a bespoke database will save you time and resources. As all the data you need can be found in one easy-to-access program, you can significantly increase your overall business productivity.

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Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Building and Running a Custom Database

So, how much does your company need to invest in a custom-made database? The truth is there is no definitive answer to this question. The cost and time required to build your database will ultimately depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your company and the complexity of its needs.

To give you an idea of how much bespoke database solutions cost, we have complied a list of factors that can contribute to the overall price.


1. Hardware

If you run a small company, you may be able to make do with hosting a custom database on a single computer. However, bear in mind that this setup will only allow one person at a time to use the database.

On the other hand, if you manage a larger business, you will need to host your database on a server that other computers can access via a local area network (LAN). This is of course more expensive as network installation alone costs at least £250. Nevertheless, hosting your database on a dedicated server will enable several users to access the database simultaneously.


2. Database platform

A typical company database usually comprises a proprietary database platform that stores data points. It also has a “front end” interface that can be customised so you can generate reports and perform specific tasks more efficiently.

Today’s most popular platforms include Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle and IBM DB2. You will need to obtain a licence per user and server to use these database platforms. Prices differ between platform providers so it is advisable to carry out some research first to see which will best fit your needs and budget.

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3. Database development

Database developers will design the software’s front end to meet your company’s needs and make it more accessible to users. Besides building the database, their services typically include installing the software in your hardware, testing, overseeing the roll-out and troubleshooting. In some cases, they may also train your staff in how to use the software.

Similar to database platforms, the cost of database development differs from one software developer to another. Moreover, developers often have different payment preferences; some ask to be paid by the hour while others build bespoke databases on a “per project” basis.

Whatever your preferences, you must make sure that you ask for a quote that outlines the scope of the project in writing. You should also review the developer’s credentials so you can have peace of mind knowing that you have hired the best person or company for the job. Remember, never make a decision based on price alone. To achieve the best results, you should also evaluate the developer’s skills and previous experience.

At Web Alliance, our experience working with a wide range of companies has enabled us to develop the skills and expertise we need to provide reliable and highly efficient corporate IT solutions at a reasonable price. Like you, we hate hidden charges. For this reason, we will always strive to provide you with a fixed price quote so you won’t get any nasty surprises at a later date.


4. Maintenance and support

Because your data is crucial to the success of your company, you will need a maintenance plan and support system when things go wrong. Regular maintenance will also help ensure that your database performs to a high standard.

Many corporate software developers, and in particular our team at Web Alliance, provide database maintenance as part of their development services. In other words, this facility will be included in the final database development price. Other companies offer this as a standalone solution, usually for around £150 per month.

If you want to minimise your expenses, it would be advisable to choose a software developer such as Web Alliance that offers support and maintenance as part of their service. Whichever company you choose, setting aside funds for database maintenance will help ensure that your data is protected and that help will be available whenever you need it.

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Always Do Your Research

Having a database built according to your company’s needs can simplify your data management, allowing you to accomplish tasks much more quickly. If you haven’t done so already, you should consider hiring an experienced developer to build a database that will fulfill your specific requirements. However, before giving them the go-ahead, remember to conduct some research in order to ensure you will get excellent value for your money.

If you are currently in the market for reliable custom-made software, our team at Web Alliance will be happy to help. We specialise in corporate IT, providing businesses with reliable bespoke databases and other software solutions at a reasonable price. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can discuss the specifics of your project.

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