Scheduling Software for Engineering Company: Need, Benefits, & Key Features

Scheduling Software for Engineering Company: Need, Benefits, & Key Features

Satisfied customers, quick quality completion of tasks, minimum costs, less workforce involvement, silo-free information sharing, real-time data updates, automated workflow, etc. are at the core of the success of any engineering company engaged in field service. Field staff also wants a hassle-free system that could simplify their tasks improving their performance and output. The numbers of engineering companies engaged in field service in the UK are still working with a legacy system that is seriously impacting their growth rate. If you too want to stay competitive amid complex challenges by improving field service output at a reduced cost, bespoke scheduling software integration is the best solution.

What Is Custom Scheduling Software for Engineering Companies?

Scheduling software, a valuable tool for appointment-based field service businesses is commonly used in different engineering and service-oriented businesses. The tailored-to-need scheduling software automates creating, modifying/ tracking appointments/schedules, coordination between the jobs, and resource usage optimization. Custom scheduling software specially developed for your service-oriented business helps you improve task prioritization, time management, reduce costs, teamwork productivity, communication, information availability, process automation, billing, etc. A scheduling software, cloud-based or local computer program, or application, automates field service staff scheduling and management.

Why You Need Scheduling Software To Manage Field Workers Efficiently

Almost 86% of companies having field service teams believe that efficient field professionals are critical to their business growth- (Salesforce, 2023). Almost 48% of customers switch brands just to get better support service- (State of the Connected Customer- Salesforce ). Almost 67% of customers want a faster response – (ServiceMax, 2022). Digitization in service-oriented engineering businesses can reduce operations and maintenance costs by up to 25% - (Servicemax, 2023). There are so many other statistics to confirm that engineering companies need to update the process of scheduling tasks by embracing a custom scheduling software solution.  

13+ Challenges for Field Service Management Resolved By Scheduling Software

Field service management in an engineering company is all about managing the field personnel to complete the assigned tasks in the best possible way. Numerous challenges in field service management create barriers to customer satisfaction and silos to efficiency, performance, and reducing operating costs. According to IDC report, inefficient field business processes may eat up to 20-30% of your revenue. The critical areas of field service management that need to be advanced are- scheduling service orders, dispatching service professionals to the field, tracking service professionals, and tracking the status of assigned tasks. The key challenges that you can manage efficiently by custom field service management software integration are-

  1. Inefficient scheduling
  2. Optimization of service delivery teams
  3. Rising operational costs
  4. Poor 3rd party management
  5. Data entry errors
  6. Unstructured data missing or delaying information access
  7. Inefficient approval / rejection processes
  8. Communication barriers
  9. Rising numbers of unsatisfied clients because of inefficiency in meeting customers’ demands
  10. Difficulty in creating and tracking bills
  11. Absence of real-time visibility because of manual reporting
  12. Unprepared technicians for first time resolution
  13. Failing in accurate information access from the field

Some of above challenges had been faced by one of our clients for which we have created Engineering CRM Software which they are using to monitor all activities.

Four Types of Bespoke Scheduling Software for Engineering Businesses

Leading bespoke software development companies in the UK allow their customers to choose particular type of scheduling software to serve their business objectives or to have consolidated scheduling software. The common types of scheduling software, the majority of service-oriented engineering businesses demand, are- 

  • Appointment Scheduling Software
  • Employee Scheduling Software
  • Route Planning Software
  • Cloud-based scheduling software

10 Advantages /Benefits of Scheduling Software Integration

The professionally developed scheduling software empowers engineering and service-oriented businesses to streamline field service by organizing a field service staff or contractors in line with real-time information updates and requirements. Ten benefits/advantages of scheduling software implementation are- 

  1. Faster response time to customers’ calls
  2. Online booking options
  3. Automatically matches customers to the appropriate service provider
  4. Optimized workforce involvement saves costs and time
  5. Reduced travel time because of the availability of the latest information on mobile
  6. Efficient schedules reduce downtime, double bookings, scheduling errors, etc
  7. Automated time tracking of field service employees/contractors
  8. Reduced billing/accounting errors
  9. Increased employee retention and improved customer satisfaction
  10. Online booking keeps customers intact

Fifteen Features & Capabilities of an Engineering Scheduling Software

Custom scheduling software integration is the best way to manage appointments and field service tasks in a hassle-free manner. It sends automatic notifications and reminders to the concerned people sparing more time for managers to focus on other important aspects of business. The 15 top features and capabilities that a promising field service scheduling software for an engineering company engaged in field service must have are-

  1. Integrated Online Booking System: Let the customers fix appointments with your service support staff !
  2. Individual Employee Schedules: Create a different schedule for each employee as per requirements.
  3. Time-Tracking Software: Ask your employees to fill out a digital timesheet and submit it electronically marking assigned the job with comments like arrived, attended, and completed.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: An easy-to-navigate user-friendly interface simplifies access to desired information and to upload the latest information as well. 
  5. Payroll Integrations: It allows you to connect the payroll system with employees, tasks done, location, etc for easy accounting and processing of wages accurately and quickly.
  6. Automated Schedule Reminders: It empowers service businesses to automate booking confirmations, schedule reminders, appointment updates, etc for timesaving. 
  7. Mobile App: Mobile App integration facilitates field service staff and customers to check their schedules anytime irrespective of their location; its real-time update feature lets you send automated alerts.
  8. Multiple Logins: It allows you to create multiple logins as well as to edit access permissions for individual users so you can manage software control and information access from a unified dashboard.
  9. Digital Data Storage: Automated database building helps you analyze customers’ requirements and information; your service team members have complete information about the particular clients on the go.  
  10. Individual Booking Links For Each Providers: It allows customers to book an appointment with their favorite service providers; it also highlights the top-performing employees also. 
  11. Employee Profiles: This feature lets employees list their specific skills, services expertise, experience, profile pictures, and other specialization; it allows customers to review the profiles of available service providers and book their perfect provider. 
  12. Time-Off Management: It allows service professionals to block particular period in calendar by themselves in case of unavailability.   
  13. Location-Based Availability: This feature of scheduling software for engineering companies helps businesses to reduce the cost of service support by finding and deputing the service providers based on their location; it fasters response time also. 
  14. Reporting: The custom employee scheduling software allows authorized users to create objective-oriented reports and get data about performance, cancellations, acceptance rates, etc.
  15. Scalability: Scalability is the must-have support for any business operation to review the performance, success, and silos. Scheduling software has many performance indicators that give you data-driven insights about particular task.     

The other features you can add to custom scheduling software at an advanced stage are - integrations with other software; payment options; work hours settings; etc. 

Satisfied customers, quick quality completion of tasks, minimum costs, less workforce involvement, automated workflow, etc.

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How to Choose the Best Service Scheduling Software

Service scheduling software for engineering companies should be quick and easy to deploy in tandem with existing software. Before contacting a custom software development agency for scheduling software development, you should review your requirements and decisions based on the following introspective questions:      

  • Do I need scheduling software to boost the service standard of my business?
  • How will my business benefit from the custom scheduling software integration?
  • Is the interface of scheduling software intuitive and user-friendly?
  • Is the service scheduling software affordable in terms of expected returns?
  • Does the appointment scheduling software offer third-party integration? 
  • Can field service scheduling software be used across all devices?
  • Can the field scheduling software track employees on duty?
  • Is it safe to integrate scheduling software with the existing system?


One of the top software agencies in the UK, Web Alliance having more than ten years of impressive existence offers cost-effective bespoke scheduling software development services ensuring hassle-free end-to-end support for integration, deployment, implementation, training, and maintenance. Bespoke business solution specialist agency, Web Alliance has successfully delivered scheduling software to many businesses having field service support as a part of their business operation; so, you too can rely on it for being an ideal choice to outsource the best service/appointment scheduling software. 


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Q. How do I choose the best scheduling software for my engineering company?

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