Why You Should Invest In Mobile App Development: How To Get The Best Mobile App

Why You Should Invest In Mobile App Development: How To Get The Best Mobile App

Having features and functionalities enriched mobile app is no more an optional choice for growth- oriented businesses. One of the most reasons is to make workflow, information, and facilities on the go for consumers, employees, employers and other stakeholders. The evolving technologies are continuously changing our preferences, needs, expectations, way of working, and behavior; businesses need to meet the ever-changing parameters to stay competitive by managing direct and indirect challenges by having a dependable yet affordable solution. Here you need to hire an experienced mobile app development company to design, develop, integrate, and manage a bespoke mobile app.

Eight Business Growth Challenges You Can Manage By Bespoke Mobile App

Eight Business Growth Challenges You Can Manage By Bespoke Mobile AppStaying competitive in a volatile digital marketplace where buyers have several options to make a deal while on the go is a great challenge for most businesses still depending on having a visible presence through legacy business websites. The presence of more than 41,030 apps from British publishers on Google Play may not be without a reason. A tailored-to-need iOS and Android mobile app helps you to successfully manage various challenges that often act as hidden silos for business growth -

  1. Lack of internal communication causing silos in productivity  
  2. Low productivity and availability  
  3. Unsatisfactory customer support service
  4. Absence of a direct marketing tool working automatically 24x7 
  5. Absence of real-time metrics to plan better
  6. Absence of systematic data management and processing
  7. Low visibility for mobile users and losing sales prospects 
  8. High cost of supply chain management

Mobile App vs Mobile Website- The Difference

Do you need a mobile app even if you have features enriched mobile responsive business website?  Responsive design is a design approach focused on providing the best reading, viewing, and navigation experience on any device; may it be a desktop computer or mobile phone. Why do businesses having mobile responsive websites need mobile app also to compete? Because both are different and have certain limitations.

Apps are applications that are downloaded and installed on mobile devices; these don’t render within a browser like a website. The mobile responsive website is a mobile version of a website. Native mobile apps created for the particular OS provide faster and better responsive UX than mobile websites. Slow page loading, time-consuming development, inability to take advantage of mobile functionality at its full potential, lack of focus areas, navigation difficulties, etc are the key limitations of mobile responsive websites that make it a must for businesses to have a mobile app also in parallel.

Is It A Good Investment To Hire Bespoke Mobile App Specialist Company? Eleven Benefits of Mobile App

Is It A Good Investment To Hire Bespoke Mobile App Specialist Company? Eleven Benefits of Mobile AppWhy are increasing numbers of UK businesses investing in custom mobile app deployment? Can your business achieve a sustainable growth rate by missing the sales and revenue prospects triggered by the growing community of mobile users? 5G network is estimated to be available to 67-77% of premises; EE is aiming to provide 5G available across the UK by 2028. The top eleven benefits that encourage increasing numbers of UK businesses to hire bespoke mobile application specialist agencies are -

  1. More value to customers
  2. Strengthened brand visibility and repute
  3. Connectivity while on go
  4. Strengthened customer loyalty
  5. A competitive edge and distinction
  6. Improved customer engagement 
  7. Direct & personalized marketing tool
  8. Strengthened presence on social media channels
  9. Customer service support improvement 
  10. Valuable consumer behavior insights
  11. Improved information sharing 

Android v/s iOS Mobile App: Which Is The Best For Your Business? 

‘Android or iOS mobile app’ is the very first question that comes to mind while planning to launch the first bespoke business mobile app. Both iOS and Android options have certain advantages. If you have a constrained budget, choosing one between iOS and Android becomes a must. The following insights will help you decide right to have the best results– delivering mobile apps - 

  • In January 2023, the market share of the iOS mobile operating system in the United Kingdom was 52.42 percent (Published by Petroc Taylor,  Feb 21, 2023). 
  • In April 2023, the market share of the Android mobile operating system in the United Kingdom was 44.86% percent  
  • Globally, Android is more popular than iOS mobile operating system. 
  • Free Android apps’ availability at the Google Play Store benefits the businesses more. 
  • Google Android and Apple iOS share 98% of the global OS market share.
  • Almost 3.5% of Android users in the UK use push notifications, while only 1.8% iOS users use push notifications in mobile apps.

Most UK Businesses prefer to hire a mobile app development agency near them with specialization in iOS and Android mobile app development so that they could have both simultaneously or one after the other from the same IT services provider

What The Features Your Bespoke Mobile App Should Have to Be The Best 

Ok, you know the benefits of mobile apps. However, having customized features and functionalities in your mobile app to experience the benefits like other businesses do. Details of three types of mobile apps and must-have bespoke mobile app features are available at our APP Development page. Most bespoke software development companies in the UK offer bespoke mobile app design, development, and integration services also.

How to Select the Best Mobile App Type: A Comparison

Which type of mobile app do I need? Which is the best suitable mobile app type for my business? To help you decide right, I put here a table comparing Native apps, Web apps, and Hybrid apps.

Comparison Parameter Native mobile App Web App Hybrid App
Technologies used Technologies used Java, Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Python JavaScript, HTML, CSS Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, Swift, Cordova JavaScript, HTML, CSS Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, Swift, Cordova
Mobile app performance Best performance because of native execution Network issues affect performance significantly Intermediate performance
Cost of mobile app development High The lowest Depends the complexity
Codebase maintenance Difficult to maintain Single reusable code Single reusable code
Device utilization Utilize all device capabilities Use only selected device features Users need plugins to use
Maintenance cost High Low Moderate
User experience Consistent and engaging Inconsistent Consistent and engaging
Graphical performance Great Low Moderate

  • Large business setups use a combination of native, hybrid, and web apps to maximize their reach to a wider community of target audience. If the user experience is the major concern, the hybrid mobile app is an ideal choice. 
  • Native apps are highly beneficial for local, startups, and small businesses. Native apps are good if you want to target a particular area or specific audience segment. 
  • If the cost is a major concern, the web-based business application is a good choice.  

How to Choose the Best Tech Stack for Mobile App Design & Development: Ten Tips  

Now, you have a fair idea about the mobile app type that will improve your business performance and support growth plans. The next step is to have a basic idea about the suitable tech stack for Android or iOS mobile app development. What are your options? The following ten tips will help you decide about the suitable technology stack for mobile app design and development - 

  1. Decide the goal of the mobile app
  2. Fix the budget
  3. Fix the required features and functionalities including UX/UI level 
  4. Assess the operational and maintenance needs and required skills/support 
  5. Consider network condition; importance of UX, time frame 
  6. Decide the required level of security, scalability, and stability 
  7. Analyze the behavior of the target audience 
  8. Check the suitability of legacy infrastructure 
  9. Consider the importance of mobile analytics for your business plans 
  10. Analyze competitors’ apps

Eleven Tips-How to Hire the Best Mobile Application Development Company

The expertise of hired mobile application development experts matters a lot because the mobile app performance and delivered advantages highly depend upon the optimization of the tech stack, features, and functionalities. The costliest mobile app company may not be the best. Therefore, you should have personal parameters to structure your strategy for hiring the best agency for custom mobile app integration. The following seven tips may help you hire the best-performing mobile app engineers well under your budget - 

  1. Define your mobile app requirements to narrow down the options
  2. Check and compare the portfolios of shortlisted mobile app solutions companies 
  3. Go through reviews and testimonials to evaluate the credibility
  4. Go through their technical expertise to judge the capabilities to match your specific requirements  
  5. Go through post-development services and support model
  6. Check for communication ease and availability of dedicated mobile app developer 
  7. Go through the lowest mobile app prices or mobile app deployment packages 
  8. Check the suitability of quoted mobile app development prices to budget 
  9. Compare the mobile app development costs on the same parameters
  10. Go through the tailored-to-need mobile app development process 
  11. Confirm for  UI/UX design specialization 

To conclude, mobile apps have become the growth engines for businesses because the increasing numbers of people tend to use mobile phones to shop, to get the latest information, or to get prompt service support. If you are experiencing a drop in business performance, a little investment in mobile app development is the time-tested long-term effective solution.     



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