Advantages of Bespoke Software

what is bespoke software

Bespoke CRM system is a software which are built for the specific business requirements and dosent have the features not needed so its less cluttered and quite easy to use. So let’s discuss some of the important features a custom software should have.

Automatic document generation and storage

Intelligent custom CRMs are well capable of generating and smartly maintain the documents at the different levels for the business. Sometime business take lots of time and manual effort to generate these documents manually and waste a lot of working hours which can be used smartly to grow the business.

Effective and efficient Lead management

Tailored CRM system helps to capture lead from multiple sources and ensures that you don’t lose any leads and that you score and qualify leads correctly and the follow-up with the funnel. Leads can be automatically inserted into the CRM via API connections and it will also save time and manual intervention so a good CRM should have automatic lead management function.

Clients and Contacts

Clients and Contact management comprises of capturing and recording the client’s details and saves customer communications to build an integrated client profile. A client can have effective CRM system to record the notes, reminders, appointments details for clients and contact and when if any part of the communication is needed then by a click of a button these communications can be accessed by various staff members.

Email Integration

Would you agree with the statement that the email is the most used medium for the B2B interations. Email management offers the ability to send targeted bulk emails, record email conversations trail, and send automated emails.

Reporting and analytics

Once the data is in the bespoke CRM, getting it out in any shape or form should not be a challenge at all but unfortunately we’ve seen it more than enough that the shelf software can’t really produce bespoke reporting as and when needed by the business and then businesses need to use the external reporting platforms to serve their needs and then trouble is that they need to maintain multiple system which don’t really talk to each other.


Marketing can have wide range of activities, but CRM must help streamline the overall marketing efforts. Effective CRM system helps the business automate Marketing efforts which helps the business in reduce their overall marketing costs and improve the efficiency of marketing initiatives.

Prospecting and Pipeline management

Prospecting and sales pipelines help visualising the sales cycle and identify where in the sales funnel a particular deal is. With automated workflow can help streamline the prospecting and having an effective sales funnel to filter the enquiries in a most effective way.

Workflow automation

We believe that very business is unique and have their own workflow and do things in their own unique ways and customisable CRM should help Workflow automation which allows companies to create intelligent automated workflows using their own logics to achieve process automation.


Forecasting helps businesses to estimate their future sales, revenue or pipeline based on present, future, and past data trends. It also assists in preparing the data-driven business strategic planning, deciding on optimal inventory levels, and investing in new channels and different sources.


As you can see how effective the bespoke CRM can be for the business and how much time and money they can save for the business. So businesses needs to give some serious attention in selecting the right CRM system for their business or rather go for the bespoke CRM as this can give ultimate boost to their business eventually.