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How System Integration Can Help A Business To Grow...

What is systems integrations?

Throughout time getting things to work together has been, and still is, one of humankind’s hardest problems to solve. Whether that be cogs in a machine, people in a group or systems in a business, sometimes getting things to come together in an efficient and effective way has always been hard.

Systems integration is not by any means a new phrase; IT technicians have been using the term since at least the 70s! However, this is not to suggest that the practice is any less important today than it was almost 50 years ago. In fact, in todays age things like the Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things are all utilising systems integration to connect systems and software across the globe to work as an integrated whole. Systems integration can be both physical and functional through programming, process management, enterprise application integration etc.

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Take advantage of cloud computing...

Why take my business to the cloud?

You’ve probably heard the expression “On cloud nine”, but what about “On cloud computing”. While it does not roll off the tongue quite as easily, cloud computing can most certainly take your company software to the next level and make you feel – on cloud nine

Joking aside, cloud computing is slowly becoming the norm these days with several household names using remote servers and networks to store and access data from wherever. In fact, if you use tablets, smartphones, Gmail or drop box alike, you’ll already be connected to the cloud.

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