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SEO & Google Ranking

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We understand that starting a new SEO campaign is a beginning of new climb which is hard at the beginning but eventually you will see the peak.
With Web Alliance we can assure you that you are on the right path with reliable guide who eventually take you to the summit.
The page with High google ranking  is favoured by google, hence appears at the top of the search result. If you  want to receive any perceivable traffic from search engines, you must be in the top 30 results, and preferably in the top 10; consider that approximately 90% of users do not look past 3rd page.
In order to bring your website in Google’s favourite’s we have to perform Search Engine Optimization. We follow two strategies to achieve results 
On-page SEO Strategy
We try to analyse that what changes are required to your site to enable it to rank well and we perform some or all of the following steps.
  • Proper keyword selection is the foundation of any good search engine effort. If you select the wrong keyword, there is either too little search volume or poor conversion rates.
  • We make sure that  do you have the necessary content to attempt to compete for those search terms?  Quality content is one of the fundamental KEYS to attracting relevant quality links from other sites, and therefore in securing superior search engine rankings. Quality content is the only strategy condoned by Google, Yahoo, and MSN!  Content creation and authority building does require client time and effort. We can guide you through processes to help identify such content opportunities, and can save you significant time, but client involvement is absolutely crucial!
  • Potential for conversion is evaluated against the level of search traffic. Our goal is to get your site high quality traffic, not just quantity.
  • Can the site be tweaked, or does a new site need to be created?
  •  What impediments prevent search engine spiders from crawling the site, and how can these impediments be rectified? Does it use forced cookies or session ids?
  • How should existing elements and tags be tweaked?
  • Which useful items needs to be incorporated
    • textual content
    • images/picture
    • videos
    • user ratings and reviews
    • widgets and calculators
    • user generated content
    • press releases/news
    • location on a map (Google Local)
    • Call to actions
    • and much more.
  • We analyse that Does your site allow for unique html titles and meta-tags?
  • We make sure that the navigation of the site should be search engine friendly?

Off-Page Strategy
The Off-Page strategy defines the approaches required to attain relevant links from other related web sites to secure rankings in the short term and the long term. Elements often employed by Search Engine People include:
  • Article creation
  • RSS feeds
  • Blogs
  • Directory links
  • PR optimization
  • Social Media presence 
  • and much more
We evaluate the competitiveness of the Keywords to be targeted. The level of competitiveness of your keywords helps us to evaluate which In-page and Off- page strategies that will be necessary to get you results by improving the site's position in search engines.


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