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Dod-dle Accounting System

Simple, Easy, Cloud Accounting

About Dod-dle Accounting System

Dod-dle has been designed to be an easy to use and simple to understand whilst providing outstanding bookkeeping and produce a set of accounts.  It uses a cloud based system which is expandable to any level to hold huge amount of data. The front end is Responsive which means that you can access on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone anywhere and at any time.

The client started designing the concept following the Chancellor’s announcement in the Spring budget of 2015 that all small businesses would be required to submit their accounts online in the future.  Other programmes appeared too complicated, or difficult to use without a degree in accounting or A Level mathematics. How would small business owners cope with the move to online accounting?

Dod-dle accounting system is easy to use and simple to understand.  This means that a lot of the clever stuff, such as working out your tax, or calculating percentages, goes on in the background.  All you have to do is answer a few straightforward questions.  Dod-dle don’t use any long complicated words that require specialist knowledge, we don’t need you to understand double entry (it’s an accounting term) and we make the whole process of keeping your books and records as simple as we can.

We are also working closely with HMRC to ensure that when you are required to start filing your accounts online,Dod-dle will be there to do that for you. 

We are adding new features as we go and will be bringing out other versions of Dod-dle soon which will allow even more small businesses to get online and keep track of their business records with our easy to use and simple to understand programme. There are total of 7 versions agreed with the client and development will continue for next 5 years as presently we have successfully completed the 1st version for Sole Traders and now working on VAT registered Sole Traders in 2nd Phase.

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