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We are launching soon the widget tool for Chat, SMS and Instant Callback Widgets

 Chat, SMS and Instant Callback Widgets
At Web Alliance we are launching Chat, SMS and Instant Callback Widget. The visitor/website owner can embed these service into their website which provides the ability to work more closely with your visitor and customers.
Chat widgets provide real-time feedback and spur thought-provoking discussions - features lacking in e-mails. Any website can embed the JavaScript code of our widget and place them on their site for chat to work. The widget is customisable, you can alter the size with the settings, also available in different colors. With chat widget you can chat with customers using any computer or mobile device and monitor website visitors in real-time using our Chat System. Invite visitors to chat automatically or proactively, help you with the product selection, and increase sales! When you're unavailable the chat button plugin switches to an 'offline mode' that allows visitors to leave you messages.
At Web Alliance we are launching SMS and Instant Callback Widgets as well, a simple solution to capture leads from website. Anyone who wants to include this widget on their website can copy JavaScript code from our website and place them on their website for callback/SMS functioins to work. We will allow free test accounts to create and give few SMS free of cost to test the system. This widgets will give the visitors the opportunity to request a instant callback feature. It is the easiest way to establish direct contact with your website visitors. They will be able to reach your sales or customer support in a matter of seconds. You get better customer retention, higher sales conversion rates and lower costs of leads generation. Your customer gets better service, convenience, and understands your appreciation of their interest.

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