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Is your website a thing of beauty? Does it look good? Is it enhanced with great images and engaging content?

If your answer is 'yes', then great! But do you realise that a website is only as good as its search engine position? What's the point of owning the world's finest looking website if no-one can find it? This is where our Search Engine Optimisation services come in. We'll use our up-to-the-minute knowledge and expertise to ensure your website has the best chance possible of appearing high in the search engines for your key search terms.

Do I Need A SEO Online Marketing Strategy?


Ask yourself, "do I need more visitors/customers/Sales?". It would be odd if your answr were 'no'.

It's our role to optimise your website to make it more visible and accessible. The higher your webpage ranking in a particular search, the greater will be your potential for attracting visitors.

Our aim as an SEO company is to place your website on the top of the first page for your desired keyword or phrase.

Intelligence and expertise


Truly effective SEO comprises both technical (on-page optimization) and human (off-page optimization) elements.

SEO is not just a series of formulae that bring instant results. There are a variety of SEO techniques, whose application demands experience and intelligence. One method may work brilliantly for one website but be useless for another.

What's the difference between SEO and SEM?


SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • email marketing
  • affiliation
  • social media marketing

I'm doing PPC. Do I still need SEO? What's the difference?

Coming high in the search engines 'organically' (i.e. not in the form of a paid advert at the top of the page) leads to many more enquiries/sales than paid-for PPC advertising. To appear organically high in the search engines gives a far greater impression of trust and respectability.

Research shows that SEO visits convert to sales more than ten times more efficiently than PPC.

It's true - PPC can generate instant results, whereas SEOis slower to start - taking from one to three months to become effective. But, SEO is all about long-term results. With PPC, the moment you stop the campaign, the enquiries dry up.

Tell me more about my monthly SEO report


Your monthly report will include

  • monthly statistics
  • graphs and charts identifying trends
  • ranking details
  • keyword positioning and ranking
  • progress reviews
  • analysis of existing data from server logs
  • updates of the project's current search engine traffic patterns
  • conversion tracking

What is black and white hat SEO?


White Hat SEO describes the practice of carrying out SEO in a way that is safe and follows the rules and guidelines set out by the search engine companies.

Black Hat SEO involves attempting to get round the guidelines to achieve high search engine ranking. An example buying cheap links from low value non-ranked websites. It's a form of cheating and, when exposed by the search engines can result in heavy penalties, such as being demoted to a much lower position. Once such a penalty has been applied, there's no coming back.

As you'd expect, at Web Alliance, we only use proper, approved methods recommended by Google. We always work within the rules. The results will be slow but sure-footed and - most important of all, your website will travel in only one direction - up.

Can you offer references to back up your claims?


Yes. We're delighted to. Talk to any one of our SEO customer. You'll find a list on our portfolio and testimonials pages.

What is offsite Content Marketing?


Offsite Contents marketing is the process of preparing quality articles based on the subject and submitting them to the UK main article directories for the purposes of back-linking and brand awareness.

How do you find the best keywords for my business?


First - we'll ask you to explain the nature of your business and type of market you are in. We'll ask you to suggest a few main keywords.

Next - we'll use our database and tools to find the most searchable related keywords in the UK and Europe (if required). From this, we'll gather hundreds of related keywords along with information about how many people are searching for them.

Then - we'll develop a strategy to use these keywords evenly throughout the site and in PPC campaigns (if needed). We'll analyse the click vs. impressions and sales/enquiries per keyword, before eliminating non-performing keywords one-by-one to give you good quality and performing keywords.

My site was banned/de-listed/penalised manually from Google! Can you help?


Yes. If you're banned or blacklisted from the search engines we can work with you to sort it out by following the set process. Progress may be slow but, in the end, there's every chance we'll get your site back to where it needs to be.

Finally, we'll perform checks and continuous get in touch with search engines to make sure they will index your site again.

Do we have to sign a contract?


No. We generally bill every month. In the event of you wishing to end the relationship, then all we need is one month's notice.

The Web Alliance offer


We will provide you with a tailor-made customised SEO service to suit your business needs. We'll identify unique areas of your website that need to be amended if required, making sure your website is search engine friendly. Then discuss with you the plan for the first quarter and start the work.


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