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Another new client onboarded with Web Alliance called Demux Video Services 


Very pleased to announce another onboarding who is Dave Throne of Demux Video Services and very much looking forward to work with Dave and entire team of Demux Video Services and huge thanks to Sarah Summers of Mad Hatters Accountancy for referring Dave to us. 


The video management software will do the following:

  • Clients management 
  • Multiple contacts can be managed for clients 
  • Opportunities can be recorded
  • Opportunities can be moved to quotes
  • Quotes can be moved to jobs
  • Tags can be applied to clients
  • Various jobs management features 
  • Multiple quotes/jobs can be managed for clients
  • Software licences can be managed and renew reminders report can be produced 
  • Multiple currency can be managed for orders
  • Invoices can be managed for clients
  • Suppliers ingo can be managed
  • PO will be generated for every order
  • Products can be managed
  • Pricelist can be managed 
  • Multiple pricelists can be managed per clients
  • Documents can be managed for clients
  • Timesheet can be recorded for the time spend on the jobs

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