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How software improves company culture...

How software improves your company culture

Company culture is almost impossible to measure. However, for long-term success it is a vital ingredient. Staff retention, collaboration, job satisfaction etc – all key elements of a healthy business are rooted in the culture of your company. If something is wrong behind the scenes it will inevitably impact the visible areas too. So how can we make sure we maintain a healthy culture throughout the organization, and how can software help this?

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Taking Care Of Existing Customers...

‘I want new customers!’

Are you sure? How about making more of the old ones?

Who doesn’t want new customers? Almost everyone. Often it’s our single focus. How much of your valuable thinking time, energy and budget do you spend dreaming up and executing new marketing initiatives. Each one is designed to persuade more clients that they can’t live without the benefits of your products or services. These initiatives might be time-consuming and costly. But they’re always worth it in the end. Or are they? How often does the extra revenue they generate justify the outlay?

Meanwhile, back in the real world of day-to-day business – how are your ‘old’ customers faring?

“Oh, they’re fine – just steadily pottering along – some of them drop off, falling by the wayside. But, on the whole, they look after themselves.”

Hmmm … time to think again!

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